Too Big Bear


Sally Grindley


Too Big Bear sat on the floor in the corner of Tom's bedroom.

She looked at all the toys having fun on Tom's chest of drawers. She looked and her tummy told her that she wasn't happy. She wasn't happy because she was too big. Too big to go on the bed. Too big ever to be taken out by Tom. Too big to do anything but sit in the corner and watch everyone else having fun.

Too big to be loved.

Every day Too Big Bear had the same unhappy thoughts. Sometimes Tom and his friends would pull her out of her corner and jump on her, but that didn't make her feel loved, just bruised.

Then along came little kitten Mog.

Too Big Bear heard a fast and squeaky PRRR PRRR PRRR PRRR. Too Big Bear felt whiskers and a wet nose tickling the pads of her feet, PRRR PRRR PRRR PRRR.

Two tiny paws stepped onto her leg. Two more paws jumped up behind.

Little kitten Mog kneaded the big soft tummy, made herself comfy and settled down to sleep.

And that's where she slept every day after that.

And Too Big Bear smiled every day after that, while her tummy and her head told her she was happy.