Texan Ted


Sally Grindley

Texan Ted couldn't sleep. Christopher kept fidgeting. First he turned this way, and banged Texan Ted on the arm. OUCH!

Then he turned that way, and knocked Texan Ted on the ear.

Next he turned upside down, and kicked Texan Ted on the nose. That made Texan Ted sneeze. A-A-A-TCHOOO!

Then he rolled right over and pushed Texan Ted out of bed. AAAH! BUMP!

Texan Ted rubbed his head. He tried to climb back onto the bed. He grabbed hold of the blanket and heaved.

HEAVE! But his arms weren't strong enough.

He sat back on the floor and shivered. It was warm in Christopher's bed. It was cold on the floor.

Where was he going to sleep?

Texan Ted tried the bottom shelf of the bookcase, but that was too hard.

He tried the polka-dot beanbag, but that was too soft.

Then he saw that the bottom drawer of the chest was open. He climbed in between Christopher's jumpers, snuggled up tight, and that was just right.

Soon he was fast asleep.