Mokey's Literature Site

Being an educated bear I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite poetry, songs and stories. They are all about teddy bears and rabbits and other animals. Not boring things like love and romance, but the important things in a bear's life!

I am going to put things in groups and let you dig around at leisure.


This is me, Mokey and I will lead you to the poetry section

Follow Huckle to find the bear stories

and this little bear will take you to the fairy tales and fables

These twin bears like nursery rhymes and to sing


These books are full of jokes


And these books have lots of Teddy wisdom in

In here there are some lovely bear pictures to look at

And here are some pictures for you to colour in

And if you follow fluffy bunny she will take you to all the pages about other animals

In this book are links to great places




All the graphics on this page came from here

Take a look