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These are the titles of poems that I have found so far. If you know of any more then please email me with them.

If any of you bears out there write poetry and you would like to see it here, again just email me.

What makes you think I like getting email!

So without further chat from me here is the poetry list. Some of these are a little bit sad so have a tissue handy.

A Big Bare Bear by Robert Heidbreder

Ask Mummy by John Agard

Bare Bear by John Foster

Bear by Jean Kenward

The Bear

The Bear Facts

Bear In There by Shel Silverstein


Bear's Phone Call by Kaye Umansky

Egbert And Me

Furry Bear by A. A. Milne

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Go To Sleep

Grandpa Bear's Lullaby by Jane Yolen

Here A Bear by John Foster

Ice Bears by Russell Hoban

If Teddy Bears Could Talk

If Teddy Bears Ruled The World

The Legend Of The Panda by Anthony Stuart

Listen To The Tree Bear - This is a traditional African poem

Little Amanda by Carolyn Graham

My Bear by Marian Abbey

My Mother Saw A Dancing Bear by Charles Causley

My Teddy by Heather

My Teddy Bear by Jeffrey S. Foreman

My Teddy Bear by Margaret Hillert

My Teddy Has A Fright by Charles Thomson

Night Bears by Wilma Horsbrugh

Patchy Bear by Joan Poulson

Polar Bear by Spike Milligan

Rare Bear by Haiwyn Oram

Soft And Brown

Special Friends by Richard Roy Davis

Teddy Bear by Aileen Fisher

The Teddy Bear's Dance

Teddy Bears Lament by Tim Price

The Teddy Bear's Picnic by Anne Geddes

Teddy I've Been Bad by Cindy Pike Dunning

Teddy by Stanley Cook

This Little Bear

Wizard Bear by John Foster



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