Rare Bear

My Night Ted got this little hole

It just appeared one day

I said, "If we ignore it, Ted

It's bound to go away."

Imagine then my horror when

I next dragged him about

I found that almost all of him

That was inside, was out.

I called up M.U.M. for help


I think you should come quickly

With your needle and your thread."

Well, Mum got busy stitching

A hundred's what it took

Or that is what she thought it was

I couldn't bear to look

And when at last she said, "That's done!"

I didn't dare remark

he hardly seemed like Ted at all

But more like Noah's Ark.


She'd stitched him up and patched and darned

And saved him from the dump

But on the way he'd lost a neck

And gained a camel's hump

His nose was far less nose than snout

His tum was slipping south

There was a kind of penguin look

About his eyes and mouth

I choked, I must apologise

But Mum said, "There's no need

I think we've prob'ly seen to where

Ignoring holes can lead"

And Ted just blinked as if to say

"It wasn't such a crime.

I wouldn't be this rare new bear

If I'd been stitched in time."



Hiawyn Oram