Egbert and Me

At night when I lie fast asleep

My teddy, Egbert, wakes,

And sits upon my counterpane

Until the morning breaks.

He likes to see I get my rest,

For everybody's sakes,

So if the pirates smash the door

To steal away my toys

He fights them off with dirk and sword

But very little noise.


And if the one-eyed bogey-man

Comes breaking down the wall

He scares him off by looking fierce

But makes no sound at all.

And if the wailing ghost flies down

The chimney like a bird

He blows him back with mighty breaths

That simply can't be heard.


When, after slumbering, peacefully

I open up my eyes,

I see the sun come shining in

And find to my surprise

That Egbert's lost another ear

Upon some enterprise.

But when I ask him what he's done

He just looks smug and wise...