Teddy Bear's Lament

Once when you were only two,

I used to sit right next to you,

I'd guard you bravely as you slept,

And comfort you each time you wept.

Bumpity-bump through mud and snow,

I followed everywhere you'd go,

But bruising bumps could not erase,

That silly grin upon my face.

Thumps and hugs and loving deeds

Are all that any Teddy needs.

Then one day you went to play

And left me all alone to stay,

To wait with patience by myself

Collecting dust upon your shelf.

Now I sit here in despair,

A very lonely Teddy Bear.

I hope that, having read my poem,

You'll soon come back to take me home.

'Cause loneliness is just enough,

To break my woolly heart of fluff.



Tim Price